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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Google Group for World Music Visualisation

In lowering the threshold to world music understanding, our aim is to generate social, as opposed to purely commercial value. Hence a brand new Google group, created to provide a discussion arena for those involved in World Music Instrument Model and Theory Tool Visualisations on a variety of platforms. New members welcome.
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Google Group
As discussed here, there are multiple approaches to this topic, ranging from web aggregator platform over gaming, standalone mobile app, virtual (and possibly augmented) reality, to holography.
Despite huge potential for social value creation, this area has been barely explored by data visualisation specialists.
This is strange from multiple standpoints.
  • supports clear social / community needs
  • the field of modelling potential is vast
  • addresses weaknesses and omissions in conventional music teaching
  • offers opportunity to anyone wishing to build a sophisticated portfolio
  • high opportunity for synergies with other disciplines
  • given the challenges, will remain on the cutting edge of technology for decades to come
  • many people working in the data visualisation field are themselves musicians.
  • combines visual, audio and instrumental aspects in a highly immersive way
  • visual, constructive and enjoyable form of programming (in much the same sense as, for example, aeromodelling was to earlier generations).

Potential Crowdfunder?

Speculation is at the heart of many ills around the world. Investors are often quite clearly divorced from the effects of their gambling, whether climate, arms, resource squander, land grab, pollution or human trafficking associated with poverty.

It is not uncommon for early-stage investors to gain privileged access to young firms, creaming off ten or more times their input within a few years. These are returns the rest of society can only dream of. They fuel lifestyles way beyond the planet's means, grinding inequality, and act as role model to others for exploitation and social injustice.

My clear goal is the creation of social value in a form affordable to anyone and free of speculation.

Nevertheless, I came across a saying in spanish to the effect 'Love your opponents. They bring out the best in you'. Social value is served by competition across multiple technologies, but can only attain it's full social promise if it's financial antithesis -predatory financing- is eradicated.
It is my hope that this forum bring together musicians, musicologists and developers to exchange insights and advice on the implementation of visualisation toolsets with the ultimate aim of supporting person-to-person music teaching and learning worldwide.
With the singularity (artificial intelligence, machine learning, widespread automation and unemployment) perhaps less that a decade away, society's disenfranchised are set to rise dramatically in number.
Music visualisation is not a new discipline (there are, for example countless static theory images across multiple media sources), but in opening the field of comparative musicology to users, we have an opportunity to dramatically extend and deepen musical understanding and social value generation.


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Comments, questions and (especially) critique welcome.