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Thursday, September 8, 2016


The Music Crowdfunding Communication Challenge: Emotional vs Technical

The music aggregator platform under consideration here is -regardless of it's potential for learning liberation- highly technical in nature. Yet we feel before we think. Impressions and ideas are filtered primarily through our emotions, meaning they directly affect our anticipation and acceptance of any new technology. Emotional vs technical focus could prove a significant crowd funding communication challenge..

Neither the graphical insights afforded by world music visualization (or visualisation) nor, on the other hand, the benefits of remote connection and interworking at an emotional intelligence level are easily communicated in the 3- to 5 seconds (initial) attention span of the average visitor.

We look at a few challenges in balancing emotion and technology in the crowdfunding our world music aggregator platform.

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The very expression 'music visualization sounds technical. According to Ben Shneiderman (visualization guru) "The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures". In other words, information, not entertainment.

Yet if the aggregator platform in focus here is to realise it's full potential, the communication focus will need to be on the social aspects: the benefits of music learning to community and wellbeing. How do we reconcile these apparent conflicts?

It means consistently anchoring technical detail in their community context with strong emotional triggers, be they in the form of images, video or personal stories.

This is an area in which the wider community can be of direct help, yet there are two potential problems:

o personal data protection
o user engagement

Data Protection

Global Connectivity
On the internet, imagery is propagated fast. It's common sense that images either preserve anonymity or have been made with the subject's consent, and that the subject is old enough to gauge their impact.

In a legal sense, though, most usage restricts imagery to the impersonal - or to commercial, staged works. Indeed, many images taken in the past and now recognized as iconic would no longer be possible.

This has profound implications for 'connection' with potential crowd funding sponsors. With a big difference between contrived and unconscious facial expressions, staged images are immediately and easily spotted.

Authenticity is paramount. Images are essential in conveying the intimacy of small, community music and dance events. We, certainly, would welcome community help in overcoming this. :-)

If you can contribute 'atmospheric' community dance or music images or video for which you can guarantee consent or which do not allow individuals to be identified, we'd be glad to hear from you.

P2P Education

Potential Crowdfunder?

Despite it's technical nature, the overriding goal of this platform is the transfer of musicality and virtuosity. An instrumentalist's spontaneity, improvization and fine motor skills are, ultimately, all governed by emotions.

The learning process, in the past done face-to-face and over many generations is, in this project, now being transferred to the internet. The face to face element will remain, but supported by a rich tool ecosystem.

Internet tools do, however, already exist, and a paradigm change implies effort. Some people will toil many times longer with a poor tool than might be spent in learning to use a new one.

Social Network
So how to overcome this? If not yet alert to new possibilities, some form of education or catalyst is needed.

Enter peer or social advocacy: invitation by one's friends willing to share their instrument skills with others.

This is empowerment through the gift of time and skills, and the ultimate goal of this platform.

Should global, real-time communication ever become a reality, the platform will already be more than well placed in terms of functionality.

There are analogies in any serious challenge, such as space travel. Problems once insurmountable are overcome, giving even long-established technologies fresh context and areas of application.


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