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Saturday, December 10, 2016


World Music Aggregator Platform: Project Seeks Sponsors

Why Sponsor?

"At one end, security, clean water, natural food, and a decent education will come at an extraordinary premium that rich people will easily and happily pay. On the other end, most people will eek by using micro-loans, eating cheap food, moving to cities, living off anti-anxiety pills, having roommates, treating drug stores like emergency rooms, and by entertaining themselves at home. Businesses that cheaply meet these needs will succeed". (Arshad Chowdhury)

I insist on a kinder vision of the future. Every share, tweet, follow, comment, post or back-link brings this kindness closer.

World Music Visualization Aggregator Platform - Avidly Seeking Sponsors #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory

Visualisation Toolset: Growth Of Live Streamed Teaching #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryVideo Chat Teaching
Toolkit Support
Animate Musical Storytelling: Data, Goal, Story, Metaphor #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Animate Musical Storytelling
Data, Goal, Story, Metaphor
P2P Music Teaching & Visualization. One Tiny World. Say Hallo. Share The Groove. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
One Tiny World
Say Hallo, Share The Groove.
Music Visualisation: Value Where It's Needed. Let Wealth Flow #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Value Where It's Needed

Let Wealth Flow

Potential Crowdfunder?

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Drip Feed Out, DIY and Musical Intimacy In. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Drip Feed Out

DIY, Exchange & Intimacy In
Music: Last Refuge Of The Disenfranchised #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Grass Roots Musical Empowerment

Last Refuge Of The Disenfranchised
Music Visualisation: Skip Toxic Travel & Overheads. P2P-Connect Virtuoso And Student. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Skip Travel & Overheads

Remote Person-To-Person Interworking
Dance And Music Are Central To Wellbeing And Contentment #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
DIY Dance and Music?
Wellbeing and Contentment
Visual Processing In The Brain: 60,000 x Faster Than For Text #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryVisual Processing In The Brain
60,000 x Faster Than For Text
More Social Contact, Less Social Projection. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryMore Social Contact
Less Social Projection

Big, brave, open-source, non-profit, community-provisioned, cross-cultural and off-yer-trolley crazy. → Like, share, back-link, pin, tweet and mail. Hashtags? For the crowdfunding: #VisualFutureOfMusic. For the future live platform: #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory. Or simply register as a potential crowd-funder..

Two Ways To Get Us Screeching For Joy

Direct Sponsorship: Making Swiss Money Transfers

If sponsoring from abroad, you might find *this* information useful. Moreover, you will need the following information to transfer money to Switzerland:

Beneficiary: Andrew Douglas Hope
IBAN: CH91 0483 5026 4211 3000 2
Bank: Credit Suisse AG

Please note receipt of bank transfer donations cannot be automatically confirmed, so please retain a confirmation of the transfer from your bank. We highly recommend you understand any charges that you may incur by making a donation.

This account was set up to provide transparency to tax authorities until the business model (goal: non-profit, open source) can be finalized. It acts simply (and solely) as a funnel for incoming contributions towards ongoing development. The sooner money comes in, the sooner I can put high-flyers to work.

For further question regarding Bank Transfers, please email a dot douglas dot hope at gmail dot com.

Patreon (Subscription-Based Crowd-Funding)

Patreon is a so called 'subscription-based' crowd-funding platform. It allows sponsors to contribute in regular installments rather than a single lump sum.

Patreon is aimed at bridging the gap between now and the point where the 'Full' crowd-funding campaign can be launched. Depending on success in attracting sponsors, that could be anything up to around six months.

"Critics observe the tension between contributing to the digital Commons, which is fundamentally abundant, and making a living, which is based on scarcity". In flying in the face of clear opportunity, I cannot tell you how pleasperate I am') to see some movement there. :-)

Full Crowd-Funding

Here, for the moment you join potential sponsors awaiting notification of the 'full' crowd-funding project, which is likely to find place on Indiegogo. This can be done by adding your details to the email notification form centered in the cluster of images above.

Email notifications will be kept to an essential minimum (no spamming), and details gathered will not be passed on to third parties.

The choice of crowd-funding platform boils down to payment being guaranteed regardless of outcome. Should this 'full' crowd-funding fail to reach it's target, the money collected would be used to bring the prototype to the point where it can better show the potential benefits. Following this, a further crowd-funding round would be undertaken.

I have no intention of allowing this project fail. Why so determined? I am convinced -absolutely convinced- of it's long-term success. Either it is achieved here, or it will be done by someone else, but with the risk of speculation, and hence revenue optimization pressures. This to the clear detriment of cultural exchange, empowerment and emancipation.


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