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Friday, March 10, 2017


World Music Visualization: The Key To Musical Structure

If there is a single key to the structures underlying musical cultures, it is that of data visualization techniques applied to musical data. Data-driven, Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) based models promise powerful visual insights into world music treasures. Here is specific and comparative musicological study material for an automation-marginalized lifetime - and the key to the further development of online music education.

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Music Visualization: The 'Skeleton Key' To Musical Structure

Music Visualization Immersion Challenge: Between A Hard Place And Rock. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
The P2P Immersion Challenge
Gratefully Accepted
Simple Ideas - Animated. Creativity For Common Good. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheorySimple Ideas - Animated
Creativity For Common Good
One URL To Animate Them All And In The Browser Bind Them. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
One URL To Animate Them All
And In The Browser Bind Them

More than 80% of world music instruments can be modelled in the browser from their respective generic family base.

Music Theory Model Visual Classification First Cut. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryVisual Theory Classification
Innovation! A First Cut.
A Galaxy Of Musical Instrument Models Is Born. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
A Galaxy Of Instrument Models
Is Born
Paradigm Shift and Game Changer. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryParadigm Shift & Greenfield
Visualization & P2P Tools

Both instrument models and theory tools are potentially embeddable in third party websites, affording yet further freedoms.

Visualization Toolset: Instrument Model Factory #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryInstrument Model 'Factory'
Instrument Models - By Family
Visualization Toolset: Transcend Functional Barriers #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryDepth And Breadth
Transcend Functional Barriers
Visualization Toolset: A Theory Tools Factory #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryTheory Tools 'Factory'
Theory Tools - By Family


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