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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Music Visualisation: Business Models

Thanks perhaps to the predominance of pretty but otherwise low-information-content desktop music visualisers, the wider business opportunities associated with music visualisation may not be immediately apparent. Extending the notion of visualisation to instrumental models and music theory, however, we find ourselves in a greenfield area more or less humming with opportunity.

Potential Crowdfunder?

With mankind on the threshold to a workless era, all the better if these can be used to maximise social value generation in the context of a non-profit organisation. This has the added advantage of reducing potential resentment at the perceived appropriation of cultural heritage. Anyone can contribute, all benefit.

With it's (software) instrument and theory tool factories, the platform generates a slew of finely differentiated instrument and theory tool models well suited to embedding in 3rd party sites. This opens up a scenario where musicians can build their own dedicated teaching site around a low-cost, end-to-end integrated teaching environment.

This is similar to, but goes far beyond what has been achieved by Soundslice, with consequent application of data visualisation techniques for complete mapping and transformation freedom.

This opens up not only multiple revenue channels, but can act as a showplace for the products of musical innovation and research. While there may be little point in trying to hold back technological progress, at least the benefits can be shared by all.

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Business Models Galore

Bring An Offline Behaviour Online
Virtuoso-Student Hookup
Aggregate The Long Tail
Instruments, Tool Discovery
Make It A Subscription
P2P and Self-Learning Empowerment
Enable Easier Creation
Scores & Exercises → New Dimensions
Build A Discovery Driven Experience
World Music's Diversity
Build A Vertical Brand
DIY Music & Intimacy
Produce Original And Exclusive Content
Immersive Alternate Views
Streamline A Process Through Tech
Animation-Driven Deep Understanding
Build A Messenging Interaction Model
P2P Environmental & Playback Controls
Build An AR/VR App
Possibly(..?) Using Web Components
Use AI To Create An Assistant
Score Analysis, Practice Optimisation, Style
Target A Specific Market Segment
The Musical Individualist
Make It Peer-To-Peer
Live Streamed Learning
Target A New Or Emerging Market
The Permanently Unemployed
Make It A Service
Generic Platform, Tailored Learning


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