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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Music Visualisation: The Experimental Edge

The incredible diversity of world music instruments, and the widely perceived air of mystery surrounding their behaviours suggest it would be difficult to unite them in a universal theory of music.

Potential Crowdfunder?

Modelling instruments by family, on the other hand, is likely to be considerably easier. Here we need only look at constraints applying to a particular construction form. These can be separately modelled as more or less 'pure' physical properties, and applied -as so-called 'mix-ins'- to instrument construction and theory tool forms. Combined, this allows us to model entire instrument families more or less as catalogued in classification systems such as that of Hornbostel-Sachs. To each family, effectively, it's own musical model. Given a theory tool visual classification system, much the same can be done there.

Combined with code reuse, this brings the entire palette of world music instrumentation and theory within in-browser modelling reach. Welcome to the future of peer-to-peer, live-streamed teaching toolsets. :-)

Finally, this opens the possibility of modelling, integrating and testing new instrument interfaces and theory tools directly on-screen in conjunction with a wide range of music exchange files - without ever resorting to physical construction.

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The Experimental Edge

Music Visualisation: Notation Examples. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryNotation Examples Music Visualisation: Schneider's Switchboard Guitar. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryInstrument Example
Schneider's Switchboard Guitar
Music Visualisation: Some Just Intonations Mapped To EDO. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory

Theory Example

Some Just Intonations Mapped To EDO

These images can only hint at the diversity of notation systems, instrument configurations and theory models. Uniting them in a dedicated, tightly integrated yet flexible platform is the goal of this project. We have good reason to think it can be done. And you?

Music Visualisation: Sagittal Microtonal Glyphs. Accidentals For Just Intonation. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheorySagittal Microtonal Glyphs
Accidentals For Just Intonation
Music Visualisation: Microtonal Guitar, Sagittal Notation. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryMicrotonal Guitar, Sagittal Notation Music Visualisation: Scale Tree (Detail). #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryScale Tree (Detail)
Curious? Me Too.


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