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Friday, March 10, 2017


Music Visualisation: Catalysts

Though the original idea came some 15 or more years ago, a number of fairly recent advances, some environmental, some in technology arena, some cultural and political, others conceptual, were decisive in triggering action on the idea of a graphical world music visualization site.

This page catalogues some of the more significant ones.

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Music Visualisation Platform: Given The Vibrant Examples Ecosystem, Entirely Feasible. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryVibrant Examples Ecosystem
The Idea Is Entirely Feasible
Music Visualisation Platform: Enabling Technologies Thus Far - SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) & D3.js. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryEnabling Technologies (Thus Far)
SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) & D3.js
Aggregator Platform: Community Provisioning #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryCommunity Provisioning
Clear And Simple

Recent advances in in-browser, data-driven visualisation libraries combined with a rapidly expanding treasury of liberally-licensed examples have dramatically eased the path to wide scale music visualisation. Indeed, for some time, all that has stood in the way was the lack of an integration framework flexible enough to reflect world music's great diversity. The waiting may soon be over.

Music Visualisation From Data Visualisation: Peek And Ye Shall Find. It's All Out There, And It's Free. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryPeek And Ye Shall Find
It's All Out There,
And It's Free
Music Visualisation: Crowd Intelligence - Stepwise To The Superlative #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryCrowd Intelligence
Stepwise To The Superlative
Learning Approaches: A Green Light To Music Visualisation #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryLearning Approaches
Green Light To Music Visualisation
Further catalysts are undoubtably the dramatic move from paper to online music scores in general, but also the broad move from proprietary towards open source music notation, the advance of scanning technologies (paper-bitmap-MusicXML), the adoption of MusicXML as a W3C standard for music exchange, the proliferation of interest in more visually oriented music teaching as apparent from the many excellent YouTube videos, online courses and tools, but also the liberation of cultural curiosity, expressed by recent research in areas such as transnotation.

In themselves, however, these go only part of the way. The next concrete round of musical liberation will be brought about by visualization platforms such as that in focus here.


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