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Friday, March 10, 2017


Music Visualisation: Prototype

Yes, of course there's a prototype (the image above is taken from it). You can also see a few videos by following the links below. They reflect some of the main features implemented so far.

Though the core functionality is established and working well, with nothing stopping it's being copied, the prototype can't yet be placed online. For that to happen, it needs to pass the first really significant milestone, funding of a minimum viable product (MVP). This will establish the framework upon which a treasury of exchangeable world music instrument models and theory tools can be developed, integrated and made public.

Getting this initial funding is the goal of the crowd funding initiative.

Big, brave, open-source, non-profit, community-provisioned, cross-cultural and ranting crazy. → Like, share, back-link, pin, tweet and mail. Hashtags? For the crowdfunding: #VisualFutureOfMusic. For the future live platform: #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory. Or simply register as a potential crowdfunder..

Prototype. (Videos on Youtube, Tumblr or Vimeo)

Example of Instrument Classification Tree. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryDiscovery, Selection, Population
Of Instruments and Theory Tools
Synchronised, interactive, dynamic, immersive. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryImmersion and Immediacy
Synchronised, Interactive,
Dynamic, Context-Rich
Genre Classification Tree. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory Visual Classification of Genre
Context for Preferences

Most technical approaches to managing complexity are based on decomposition. Ours focusses on SYNTHESIS from multiple data trees, allowing the generation of a vast range of musical instruments and tools. The core concept is simple, eliminating many purely "complexity management" dependencies. This in turn makes the framework blisteringly fast. More technical stuff waaaay below. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryData-Driven + Algorithmic Placement
Unparalleled Freedoms And Consistency
Menus Populated from Classification Hierarchies #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryHighly Customisable
Populate With Instruments and Tools Prefs
In-browser instrument builder. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryDiversity By Default
Flexible Step By Step Configuration

For all it's visual sophistication, scalar vector graphics code is compact and economic in execution. Of the three potential bottlenecks (initial display, transformations during playback, and running changes by the user), none have been found to have significant impact.

Simple Theory Tools: Tonal Deltas And Tonal Circle. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Two Simple Theory Tools

Tonal Deltas & Tonal Circle
1st Instrument Family Modelled: LUTES. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
1st Instrument Family Modelled: LUTES Hornbostel-Sachs Number: 321
Accurate Lute Family Configuration For Community Use. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryAccurate Instrument Configuration
For Community Reuse

​The vision of a global world music aggregator platform has been shown feasible. Though many of the trickier problems have been solved, bringing it to full production in a non-profit, open-source format will be challenging. This is best tackled by a small band of adventurers - nimble, fast and focussed - with wide community support. Join the Fellowship. Celebrate the Past. Forge the Future.

Next Score-Driven Theory Tool To Be Developed: Harmonic Spiral For Just Intonation #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryNext Score-Driven Theory Tool?
Harmonic Spiral (Just Intonation)
Music Visualisation Platform: Further Rollout Cycles (First Cut). #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryFurther Rollout Cycles
-First Cut-
Music Visualisation Platform: Musical Diversity Though Combinatorial Power. #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheoryMusical Diversity
Though Combinatorial Power


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